Today's residents are looking for all the comforts of home with all the perks of a five-star hotel. The provider's challenge is to offer more amenities and services while maintaining affordability. Revere observed the trend early, but most importantly, saw the need and did something about it. Revere has taken the initiative to study various means to provide comfortable quality living units at an affordable price.

The Process

The affordable development process that Revere has identified takes unique measures to control costs in all the various aspects of planning, development, and operating and can also be applied to troubleshooting problems in your existing facility, as well. The first step is a preliminary market study defining your service area, analyzing demographics and competition, and generating demand calculations.

The second step is to calculate the financial capacity of your organization as measured against the proposed construction costs of an affordable project. This presents a "go/no go" point for decision-making and thereby creates a financial safeguard for you.

Once the decision to proceed is made, an in-depth feasibility study with full market consumer research and complete financial analysis is performed.

The Product

Our typical units are affordable and comfortable, with plentiful common areas for dining, lounging, or socializing with neighbors. There are options available for each resident to personalize his or her living unit, such as choosing the carpet and wall colors. Yet, Revere has made the concept affordable by working directly with experienced, professional design-build firms to create a prototype that keeps construction costs well within sight.

The Results

You have the option of adopting the affordable concept that has been created or a modified design that will fit your organization's goals and financial objectives. With millions of dollars in financing and development oversight, our growth has been the result of satisfying the needs of our clients. The scope of our services incorporates comprehensive feasibility analysis, financing options, and development management to produce creatively financed, well-managed, and strategically located facilities.